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Our Difference


At Mazza Financial Group, we believe the combination of Financial Planning and Investment Management where a broad range of planning options and the integration of different investment strategies are utilized to construct a custom solution for each client provides the best overall client experience and delivers the best long term results.


Our mission is to enhance the lives of our clients. We believe financial success is just the beginning. We strive to enhance your life through professional guidance and advice that has been forged over 50 years of combined experience in financial planning and investment management, continuous collaboration with other professionals that serve you and our commitment to our client centered approach to the planning process where your interests always come first.

Core Values

Client Interest Always Comes First

This core value drives everything we do. While our primary consideration is the unique circumstances of each client, we are guided by the following principles:

Each client has goals and aspirations. In the end, wealth is not what matters most, it is simply a vehicle to help deliver the things that truly matter. We listen so that we can understand what truly matters to you.

Integrity and Trust

We will conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and with the highest ethical standard. Integrity and trust serve as the code of conduct by which we hold ourselves accountable.

Commitment to Independence

We recognize that putting client interest first and providing unbiased professional advice free from the pressures to act on recommendations from in-house analysts and research or to use only proprietary products or other services are the hallmarks of independence. We have been and always will be committed to providing unbiased advice as independent advisors to our clients.


We believe the approach that leads to the best long term results for our clients demands we align ourselves with the best partner to position us to deliver the solutions and resources to help you achieve your goals. To this end, we have affiliated with Independent Financial Group, LLC, an independent broker/dealer and registered investment advisor.

In addition, we work closely with other professionals you may have engaged to ensure your unique vision is implemented and monitored over time. We routinely work hand in hand with accountants, lawyers and insurance agents to provide the best teamwork for you as possible.

Aligned Incentives

We are a fee based firm and are compensated based on a percentage of assets for which we provide advice to you. Our advisory fee compensation will increase only when your account values increase and our advisory fee compensation will decrease when your account values decrease. This creates a powerful alignment of interest between us and our clients.