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Mazza Financial Group was founded on the belief that the interests of our clients must always come first. We believe the best way to consistently deliver on this principle is to be committed to providing independent, unbiased, professional advice.

Independence is not just about firm ownership. It is widely recognized by the ability to provide clients advice without the constraints that can frequently limit the ability of an advisor to provide guidance free from potential conflicts of interest. These constraints and potential conflicts of interest may include:

  • The pressure to act on in-house research or analyst reports

  • The use of proprietary products in creating portfolios

  • Increased compensation or incentives to use certain products or services

  • Sales quotas

  • Limited product and service options

  • The requirement to work in producer groups or teams

Many firms hold themselves out as independent but, we are not constrained by any of these pressures or requirements and this allows us to maintain our commitment to being independent. The freedom, choice and flexibility that are the cornerstones of providing our clients independent advice are why we believe so strongly our approach will ensure your goals are what will drive all decisions.