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Who We Are

Mazza Financial Group, Inc. is an independent, privately owned financial planning and investment management firm in Seattle, Washington. MFG was founded on the belief that the interest of our clients must always come first and we have positioned our company in a manner consistent with that belief.

The firm is owned, staffed and partners with professionals who have extensive experience in financial planning, custom portfolio design, investment management, income planning and wealth transfer strategy. We are known for our client centered approach to the planning process where helping you achieve your goals and dreams is our only focus.


At MFG, we believe the combination of financial planning and investment management, where a broad range of planning options and the integration of difference investment management strategies are utilized to construct a custom solution for each client, provides the best overall client experience and delivers the best long-term results.


Our mission is to enhance the lives of our clients. We believe financial success is just the beginning. We strive to enhance your life through professional guidance and advice that has been forged over 60 years of combined experience in financial planning and investment management, continuous collaboration with other professionals that serve you and our commitment to our client centered approach to the planning process where your interests always come first.


Mazza Financial Group works with individuals, families, trusts and businesses. Our clients come from all walks of life, work in a variety of fields and are located all across the United States.

We have only two requirements when building and maintaining an advisory relationship with our clients. We ask that our clients be responsive to requests for updates on their situation and financial condition and are willing to meet with us at least annually to review their financial plan and investments.