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Our History

Mazza Financial Group, Inc. is an independent, privately owned financial planning and investment management firm in Seattle, Washington. Driven by a desire to simply find a better way to do business, MFG was founded in 1998 by Bryan E. Mazza and J. Peter Mazza.

The financial service industry was frequently a high cost and transactional experience for many investors and our core belief was the interest of our clients must always come first when we set out to change this experience. Our philosophy that a combination of financial planning and investment management leads to a better overall client experience combined with our values has allowed us to position our company so we can build meaningful long-term relationships with our clients and help to deliver to them the best overall experience.

We believe when looking for financial advice, it is important you find a firm to work for you. A firm that is committed to putting your interests first, maintaining independence, providing unbiased professional advice, teamwork and achievement. MFG was founded based on these principles and we strive to adhere to these and deliver the best client experience each and every day.

Today MFG continues to provide independent professional advice free from the pressures to act on recommendations from in-house analysts and research or to use only proprietary solutions that could potentially create conflicts of interest and adversely affect our clients.

We are proud of our accomplishments and what sets us apart from others in our industry. Our dedication to the principles on which we were founded leads to a profound client experience and a very high level of satisfaction.