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Investment Management

The management of assets is not a once and done proposition and, at Mazza Financial Group, we have the knowledge and experience to understand that in order to achieve the goals of our clients we must be committed to the process of investment management.

Investment management is the process of allocating assets properly to achieve desired growth and income objectives. We believe that achievement of these objectives is attained through the creation and continuous monitoring of an investment management solution that is customized for each client.

This process begins by helping our clients clarify their investment objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance. Investment objectives may be short term, intermediate term or long term and the tolerance for risk may be different for each. Risk can mean different things to different people and risk can be measured many ways. Many of our clients are concerned about risk as it pertains to the loss of capital, purchasing power or the ability to transfer assets to others. Managing this risk is an integral component of the investment management process and can help protect your assets from potential loss within a specific risk tolerance or circumstance.

Once the investment objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance of a client have been clarified, we create a custom asset class allocation model for each client, which will show how much of a portfolio should be allocated to different asset classes such as stocks, bonds, real estate, cash and alternative investments.

Many firms overlook a critical step in this process, which is to determine the investment strategies that should be used and the proper mix of those strategies. There are many different strategies for managing assets and determining which types of strategies to use and how much of a portfolio should be allocated to each strategy is critical to long term success.

Once the proper allocation of assets between asset classes and investment strategies is determined, the selection of the proper managers is required. As with investment strategies, there are many different managers that can be used to handle the day to day management of assets within a certain asset class or strategy. Managers may specialize in one type of strategy or asset class and others may have expertise in managing assets across multiple asset classes or using more than one strategy. Mazza Financial Group seeks to uncover the most attractive investment solutions available in the marketplace and select the managers that best fit your objectives.

The final and one of the most critical steps in the investment management process is our continuous monitoring and review of your portfolio. We review all the investment strategies and managers on a regular basis and can provide you with a quarterly statement of your portfolio, which will show how each account, strategy and manager has achieved. This provides for the opportunity to fine tune how your portfolio is allocated in order to achieve your objectives in a manner consistent with your expectations. Keep in mind, no investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss.